Therapy for Relationships

Sometimes relationship partners can feel deadlocked, as if you’re so different from each other that you can’t remember what brought you together in the first place, and thinking and talking about what you want together can become hard to do. We can consider the possibility that your differences are misunderstandings or exaggerations, or that they’ve served purposes for you as separate individuals instead of together.

Parenting can bring out difficulties in relationships, and we can talk about differences in parenting styles without condemning or criticizing.

I am also comfortable and familiar working with relationships that include neurotypical partners and neurodivergent partners. I can help translate and facilitate communication between different internal operating systems that can shift some of the misunderstandings that come up.

It can sometimes feel more possible to speak openly within the boundaries of a therapist’s office. I welcome relationships of all configurations and sexual orientations in my practice.

If one thinks of a web of relation, there is tension in the web and any movement ultimately has reverberations across that web. It is better to think of how our movements and actions affect many beings in relation.”

- Dr. Kim TallBear